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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Wednesday Afternoon, 1/30 Minimize
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Posted by: host 1/30/2008

Dad is having a good day.  He seems much more aware of what is going on and his energy level is back up.  He has moved out the ICU and is back on the Neurology floor.  For those who are interested, he is in room 3005 at Sinai Hospital.

The word from the neurologist and neurosurgeon is that they are hoping to schedule surgery for next week.  But first, they need to improve his platelets level.  They think that his low platelet count may be due to the anti-seizure medication he is on.  So, they are changing that medication and they need for the aspirin and heparin he was given to filter out of his body.

Its good to see Dad in better spirits.  And having the heart issues behind us is quite a relief.

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Re: Wednesday Afternoon, 1/30    By Samantha Scolamiero on 2/7/2008
Hi Gordon, (and family)

It was good to speak with you this evening, though I wish it were for any other reason!
I was thankful Edel emailed me to let me know what was happening. As I said, we have the original meningioma online support group at, please let me know if you would like any additional info, or if your dad would like another guy who has been through this to talk to on the phone, we can find someone, and I actually have a friend who is a survivor, a similar age, and one of the communities experts on meningoma advocacy.

Wishing you all comfort and courage during this especially challenging week!
Love and light,

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