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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Posted by: host 2/11/2008

I did not get to the hospital today until mid-afternoon.  When I got there, Dad was sitting in a chair and had just finished a lunch of turkey and gravy - his first solid food in 5 days.  Slowly he is beginning to improve.

The surgeon stopped by for a quick visit.  She said that the drainage tube could be removed and she saw no reason that Dad could not be transferred to the rehab center.  That was certainly another good piece of news.

Dad still has a way to go, however, as he is still somewhat confused.  This is no doubt to the swelling around the brain and the medications he is on.  We are certainly looking forward to the day when we can tell him some of the humerous things he did while in this condition.  For instance, Dad received a phone call this afternoon.  After saying hello, Bob took the phone and talked with whomever was on the line.  While Bob was talking, Dad picked up the TV controller/speaker, held it to his ear, and said "Hello?".  And yet, he was able to remember the surgeons name.  I'm sure that as the days progress his confusion will decrease as his brain and surrounding tissues heal.

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