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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Posted by: host 2/13/2008

Dad was moved today from a regular hospital room to a room in the Rehabilitation Center in the Mt. Pleasant building.  This was a major milestone in his recovery.  We don't know how long he will be in the rehab center.  It will depend on how quickly he progresses.

For those of you who wish to visit him, the rehab center has a different visitor policy.  Visiting hours are limited to 4:30PM to 8:00PM.  During the day, he will be kept quite busy with various forms of therapy.

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Re: Tuesday, 2/12    By Larry Frank and Friends at Classic Catering on 2/27/2008
Bob & Amy, please let me know when we can send over a meal or two for the family. It's got to be hard to visit, work, handle the kids and all. We are here whenever you need us. As you know I've know your Dad for "EVER", he helped all of us grow up.

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